Friday, September 26, 2008

Faith In People vs. Living In Fear

Ya know, I have always lived by the philosophy "Do unto others..." which has always made me basically trust most people until they prove me otherwise. Well - UNTIL LAST NIGHT! That is it. I have come to the conclusion that the only person you can have total faith in to hold to do what is right is GOD!

It is a sad world that we live in. When you go to do something very nice for others, and someone steals from you. Well, technically, it wasn't from me, but someone extremely close to me that needed what was stolen. I know, people are desperate these days, but come on. Do they even stop to think that they may be stealing from someone who is as needy or maybe more? NO, of course they don't. They just see the opportunity, and seize it! Unbelievable! I also know that one day, even if not on this earth, they will answer for what they have done, but the flesh side of me thinks that is not enough. The line of people that I want to be behind on judgement day keeps growing and growing.

I didn't realize just how much I trusted people until I was told that this happened. My heart is broken, my stomach in knots. That is just how I feel, I can't imagine how the actual victim is feeling. I have an idea, but I will never truly know.

I honestly think that God's heart is breaking because of the shape of this world. People, it will not be long before He comes to rescue His people from this heartache. If you are not ready, you really need to accept Him as your personal saviour before it is too late! Do you really want to go on in this horrible world longer than you have to, or would you rather be called up to live with our Saviour for eternity?

This post is not supposed to bring everyone down, but I had to vent. I also wanted to raise awareness to those out there who may be like me - believing in people. I am not saying to live in fear, but these days, WE NEED TO LIVE IN FEAR!

Pray for my ill feelings, but more than that, pray for the one who was violated!

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