Thursday, April 24, 2008

My big boy is growing up...

OK ladies and gentlemen, introducing Stephen starring in his first "real" school picture!

Yes, you read correctly, it is a school picture! Since he attends school one day a week, he was eligible to have his picture taken. I never imagined that it would turn out this good! When I opened them yesterday, it took my breath away! I know I am his mother, but I think he is one of the most beautiful things I have ever layed my eyes on!

It is amazing how a two deminsional image can come to life and remind me what a true gift from God he is! We are truly blessed!

For those of you who may not see Stephen very often, or just see him at church, I want you to know that the picture above is the true Stephen. The picture shows a sweet, loving little boy. That is him! Yes, he has his "boyish" wild streak (trust me), but at home, most of the time, he is the most tender, loving child I have ever been around. He doesn't know a stranger, and he has to shake hands, hug, or even sometimes kiss whoever is around him! I always tell people that he is either going to be a preacher or politician!

Anyway, I am so very thankful to God for blessing me so much! He will always be my miracle!

P.S. I am so sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. I promise to try to do better. Life has definitely happened in my world lately, but I am fighting the devil to get back on track!

Love you all,


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