Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm not bragging, I am just excited...

Guess what I am doing tonight??? I am getting my hair whacked off -- for a very good cause. I decided about a year ago to let my hair grow out, I mean really out. Through much patience and determination, it has finally reached the required minimum length that Locks of Love requires! Yay!!!

There it is, way too much hair for any one person to have! The required minimum length is 10", so needless to say, my new "do" will be pretty short, but hey, it will grow back! I will post another picture tomorrow of me, probably 10 lbs. lighter.

I am extremely happy to be doing this! For years, I have hated the fact that my hair is so extremely thick! I can never get it to lay just perfect like these wonderful styles that I long for, but I have always tried, failing miserably! God gave me all this hair for a reason, and maybe this is it!

God has definitely blessed me with "the hair," so I decided to share it. If you visit Locks of Love's website, you will see why. If you ever consider getting a major part of your hair cut off, and meet the minimum requirements (10"), please consider doing the same thing. This organization is such a wonderful thing!

Until tomorrow...

Be blessed,

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Mr. TR said...

God Bless You! That's really good that you actually grew your hair just to cut it off and donate it.


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