Thursday, January 10, 2008

"I lu you"

Yes, you are reading it right. "Lu," as in love. My baby finally said it! The three words I have waited to hear since he was born! Lord knows I tell him enough, but finally, I got return on my investment! And boy did it feel good. He is so wonderful!

God is definitely still in the blessing business. Life is so great right now. Usually, or should I say used to be, when things were going this good, I would have that sense of dread at the same time wondering what was going to go wrong. But now, with God as my pilot, whatever comes my way will be handled...not by me, but by my protector. Knowing that just makes my life THAT MUCH GREATER! What a peace I have in my heart right now.

I just want to praise Him for some of the things He has done for me lately...

Stephen is so very healthy, happy, loving, and is beginning to speak more; Todd has been at his wonderful job for a year now, doing very well; my job is more than I ever could have imagined; my mom had tests recently, and they were all ok; and our church is just unbelievable! Beyond words! The spirit of the Lord is definitely there! I am back to craving to be there!

If you allow God to be in your life, and work for Him, He will bless you, too. Most of our sermons of late have been precisely about that. Be ready at all times when God asked/tells you to do something, and do it; and don't just do it out of obligation, do it because you were ready and want to.

Be blessed,

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Tonia said...

How precious those 3 words were to you! He's such a little blessing!


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