Monday, April 4, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel...

Well, not really, but at least a little break for now! My life has been utterly chaotic for the past couple of week! So, I thought I would take this opportunity to actually write something so you all don't think I am a total slacker, or get bored checking in to see there is nothing new!

First, an update on the Lupron since I gave it so much hype before I started it, and haven't mentioned it since. I think that might be a blessing, because it hasn't been too bad yet. Not that I haven't had my moments, and I must remember, I am only two weeks into it.

The sides effects I have had so far include very brief hot flashes - which mostly occur during the morning as I am getting ready for work. I have had others throughout the day, but they come and go very quickly. And then there is the moodiness! Yikes. I really can't brag about not being moody (trust me, ask Todd). I only pray that deep down, Todd has some level of understanding. I can just be trolling along, happy as can be, and then *snap*, I feel like I could literally rip someones head off! And just as fast as it comes, it goes. THANK GOD!

Another thing that reminds me that God is in full control of this situation is these emotions do not effect how I deal with Stephen -- PRAISE GOD! That was one of my biggest worries, to be honest. As you know, or might know, Stephen tends to be somewhat hyper, and trust me, this weekend it was all day both days. However, other than the regular discipline, I never felt the need to just "walk away" because of anger. All I really wanted to do was just sit around and hold him, but because of his "moods," he wasn't up for much of that :(

Despite Stephen's moods, this weekend ended up being AWESOME and so productive for us! We cleaned most of the house on Friday evening so we didn't really have to worry about that on Saturday.

Saturday, I made a Buzz Lightyear cake and cupcakes for some friends' son's birthday. I think it turned out quite well. While I was decorating, Todd took Stephen for his first summer haircut of the year. I am extremely surprised that Todd and I haven't resorted to the old way of doing dreadful things by pulling straws, but because I was busy, Todd gave in and took him. Haircuts are a HUGE ordeal in the Taylor household...Stephen H.A.T.E.S. to have his haircut! This process normally takes Stephen's poor hairdresser (Rachel) at least an hour, if not sometimes a little longer. So, I was expecting to be completely finished decorating when they returned. Oh was I wrong! They were home within an hour of leaving the house...yes, even with a haircut. Probably haircut EVER to date! It looks awesome! Thanks again Rachel! You are my hero!

That didn't end up being the only thing that happened to Stephen that evening. He lost his first tooth. Yes, my baby is not really a baby anymore (although he will always be MY baby). His tooth has been loose for quite some time, and we have been talking to him about pulling it, but no. Luckily, daddy had bought him a helium filled balloon on a ribbon, and he was running the ribbon through his teeth. BINGO! The tooth popped out! Yay! And talk about inflation...the tooth fairy paid him a visit and left a whole whopping $5. Yes, you read that correctly. $5! What ever happened to the quarter, or the dollar? Wow! I think we were jipped!

We ended the weekend with a GREAT day! Started the day out delivering the cakes, then off to Sunday School and morning service. We had to leave a little early to head to Nitro to make a geocaching presentation to some girl scouts. It was already warming up, so we decided to take the girls on a quick adventure. It was so fun, and I am pretty sure they enjoyed themselves!

Then we were off to see Stephen's Grammy. This is Todd's mommaw, but Stephen calls her "Grammy" and loves her soooooo much! That was a great visit.

Since we were out most of the afternoon, we decided just to run around until time to return to church. Todd and Stephen dropped me off at Michael's, and they headed to Toys R Us. That meant that I had some great time to actually look around, because I really wasn't sure what I wanted to get into as my Spring hobby. Just to let you know, I chose to pick back up in reverse charcoal and dabble in watercolor pencils! I am too excited!

And then the devil creeped in. Of course, on an absolutely perfect day, he had to rear his ugly head! We got to church, and everything was great. However, we were supposed to have Easter Cantata practice immediately after, but guess what??? I forgot the CD! Ugh! How could I possibly do that? I felt like I had let the entire choir down. The cantata consists of seven songs, five of which we basically have already sang and know, but there are two that really need work. That is okay...THE DEVIL WILL NOT DEFEAT OUR AWESOME CHOIR! Do you hear me devil??? Loud and clear! This cantata is going to be something extremely special, and I cannot wait! I am hoping we have a church full of sinners that morning, because all of the songs will truly get them thinking! Easter is such a time to rejoice and brag about what the Lord has done for us! So, I refuse to let the devil ruin this opportunity to reach out to our lost loved ones! We will practice a few more times, and we will rebuke that ole devil! Praise be to God!

Anyway, it is nice to be back on here! I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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