Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa, oops, I mean Hoo Hoo, is coming...

My baby boy calls him Hoo Hoo, so that is who he is this year. I am getting more and more excited about next week! This year, we stuck to gifts for Stephen that he will actually use, and we did not go overboard, either! Last year, we went a little overboard, but I also picked things out that were a bit too old for him. Needless to say, a lot of wasted money! So, this year, he is getting lots of crayons, pads of paper, chalk, creative stuff! If he has a pen, crayon, pencil in his hand (along with his "dinky" in the other hand of course), he is perfectly happy!

I don't see the big deal about letting children "believe" in Santa for the brief years that they can. It is all so magical and exciting, and can be taught along with "Santa is bringing this for you, but it is provided, along with everything else in your life, by our Saviour, Jesus Christ." That is what we tell Stephen. Jesus provides it all, and Santa just happens to be the delivery man. Stephen will always know that Jesus gives us everything. And, we will also have a birthday cupcake or cookie for Jesus. Because afterall, IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY! How can we not celebrate it appropriately?

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of traditions yet in our home, but this will always be a constant. We will praise and celebrate our Lord and King through this wonderful holiday, and we will have fun. Santa will be welcome in our home for as long as Stephen will allow, but he will never overshadow Jesus!

Be blessed,

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Mr. TR said...

It's good to see you are keeping up your blog on a regular basis. You are doing much better than I.

The girls are really getting excited. We chose to tell the girls the truth about Santa. I explained it by using a tale of Saint Nicholas delivering tools to children on Christmas Day and telling all the children about how Jesus was the gift to the world from our Heavenly Father and from that we told them that has now become the story of Santa Claus and that it is the true spirit of Christmas. But even though we basically told them that Santa wasn't real it didn't make a big difference. Santa is still as real to them as if we hadn't ever said anything. It's amazing, so we just play along as usally

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