Thursday, December 27, 2007

A time of reflection...and new beginnings...

Well, Christmas is over for another year. I hope everyone had a very peaceful and joyous time with your family, and I hope you took some time to reflect on the true meaning.

Our Christmas was absolutely fantastic! I had 5 wonderful days off with my precious baby boy! I sure do miss him today! I can't wait to get home and see him! Better yet, I only have to work one more day and I am off 4 more!!! Yay!!

This year, same as last, we will all be spending New Year's Eve in our church with our church family. What better way, pray the new year in! Have you ever heard the saying "the way you start the new year off is the way you finish the year out?" Well, for many years, that has held true for us! We start it off praying, and we finish it out praying, and start the new year praying. It is awesome!

I do not make "new year's resolutions." This is for many reasons, I tended to always fall short, which in turn disappointed the people around me, and most of all I disappointed myself. One thing I have learned to do is totally remove myself from things that set me up for disappointment. You would not believe how much better life is if you do that!

Since I do not make these empty promises to myself, what I plan to do is reflect on the things I did in 2007 -- the things that worked, the things I liked, the things that bombed, and the things I need to work on. Then, I am going to add these to my prayer list - to enjoy the things that worked, to surround myself more with my Christian brothers and sisters, to read my Bible more, to better the things in my life that need work. God is so much better than a resolution. God never fails! He will never fail me, like I fail me. That is such a powerful truth! Wow!

Everyone needs to reflect every once in a while. Have you made empty promises to yourself or to people that you come in contact with? If someone tries to reach out and help you, do you promise them something, and then fail them? If God sends angels to assist you, do you immediately accept their help, and then turn your back with excuses? Why? Do you think these false promises and excuses will work to get into Heaven? I don't think so. Do you think God will keep blessing you if you do nothing for Him in return? I am not going to answer that one, just think about it.

Let God be your pilot, NOT your CO-PILOT! Let Him be in full control. He will always be there for you if you let Him.

Have a blessed 2008!!

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BEV said...

I truly enjoyed Christmas this year. The church service (candle light) Christmas Eve was wonderful. I really felt the spirit of God there with us. Also this is the first Chrismas in a while,it actually felt like Christmas to me, probably because it started in church.I only wish more family members would have attended. They missed a good service.
How do you get through to people who keep denying God or giving back to him ? I have seen so many blessed in so many ways but yet they spare no time for God . It's really scary. I thank God that I have the desire to go to church and worsip him,also the freedom to do so.
Have a Happy New Year.........

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