Friday, March 7, 2008

My Big Boy's BIG day...

His first day at "schooooool" (pronounced like the ooo in "tooooool")...

"Do you think Picasso started out this way"

"Look at this awesome computer mom, can I have one?"

Stephen did not actually go to "school" in the real sense, but this is one of those awesome services available to parents that unfortunately, most parents never know about. Thanks to God that because of Stephen's speech delay and working with Birth To Three, we learned of Parents As Teachers. They have a classroom at a local elementary school, and they offer a playgroup once a week for a couple of hours. The basically do most things that kids do in a preschool classroom, such as story time, lunch, take walks, paint, etc. And the best part of this is that Stephen will have real interaction with kids his own age! Who knows, maybe that is the root of his speech delay.

Mom took him for the first time yesterday. She was a little hesitant, because he is pretty clingy at first around strange environments. But she said it was like she wasn't even in the room! He loved it!

It is amazing that there are so many worthy programs out there. Unfortunately, a lot of families do not know this, therefore, funding for the programs are greatly reduced over time. If you have children or grandchildren, please look into what is out there for them. Most of these programs are not income based, and are free! Take advantage of that!

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