Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you God...

I love Spring! I know, technically, it is not here yet, but today is just a sample sent directly from Heaven!

According to my Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, the definition of "spring" is as follows:

"vi. 1 to leap bound 2 to come, appear etc. suddently 3 to bounce 4 to arise as from some source; grow or develop 5 to become warped, split, etc. Often followed by up -- n. 1 to leap, or the distance so covered 2 elasticity; resilience 3 a device, as a coil or wire, that returns to its original form after being forced out of shape 4 a flow of water from the ground 5 a source of origin 6a) the season of the year following winter, when plants begin to grow b) any period of beginning"

Now, my definitions do not stray far from the real definitions, but the book definition omits one extremely important word...GOD. Spring to me is everything new! It is a renewal of everything that is beautiful. It is God's way of proving His existence.

I personally like the definition that states "a returning to its original form after being forced out of shape." That sums it up completely! The season change not only affects the earth, but it affects the body. This has been the worst winter for me in terms of my physical being. It feels like it has lasted forever! But today, I have already felt somewhat energized by the fresh air and absolutely breathtaking sunshine!

I like to think about the big picture. Everything that grows started from a seed. A seed is usually shriveled up and dried, a pretty ugly sight. But, with some planting, good soil, fertilizer, and water, it becomes something every much alive and beautiful. That is exactly the same from flowers to gardens to human beings. God knew what He was doing in the beginning, and He certainly continues on with His masterpiece!

I thank Him today for everything He has done, and continues to do. He is the top designer, creator, artist, architect extrodinaire. Please take the time this wonderful season, and focus on what God has done for you. Renew yourself in your Lord, and allow Him to renew everything around you.

Enjoy the sunshine that He gives,

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BEV said...

You certainly have a way with words,maybe you should write a book. It really shows how big a part God plays in your life and for that I am so thankful.
I wonder if anyone has looked at spring through a devout Christians eyes such as yours? Even for me,it sure brought a new meaning to the word "Spring" I thank God for you and the touching messages you write in your blog. May God Bless.

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