Thursday, February 24, 2011

Building an Ark, and not because it is raining...

Have you ever noticed the closer you get to God, the more the devil throws in your way? Coincidence? I.don'! Remember everyone, satan is constantly lurking around, seeking whom he may devour!

Just an example of what I mean:

Last Sunday night, the Praisemen Trio were singing at our church. Our church has grown so much over the last few months, Sunday night, it all exploded! It was the absolute most spiritual service I have ever been! Oh my, I just cannot say how amazing it was! It was a song and praise AND altar service! I don't think there was one person who wanted it to end!

Since this awesome service, many of our church members have been stricken with illnesses. I know, I know, a lot of things are going around and this is cold and flu season. COME ON people, the devil not only got shoved out of the service that night, he got two major black eyes!!!! He was not happy!

Now, a personal example from my own week of horrors:

Monday for me was "prep" day for a colonoscopy! Ugh! But, it went alright. Tuesday I had to report for my test at 11:30 am. I was very punctual (yes, believe it or not). Todd drove me because of having to be put to sleep for the procedure (thank God). Well, we sat in the waiting room for what seemed hours, but was only for a little over an hour and 15 minutes. Usually, with procedures, when you get called back, they prep you and you go right into the procedure. Well, here is how it unfolded. They started my IV, but didn't start the fluids. There was already one lady back there in front of me, and they immediately brought another lady behind me. So, now we are all hooked up and ready to go. About 45 minutes later, without seeing anyone else, I start hearing rumblings by the nurses from behind the very tightly closed curtains..."where is he?" "is he even in the building?" "does he realize he still has three to go?" Wow! How long am I going to have to lay/sit here in this uncomfortable bed? Starving. Thirsty. Uncomfortable.

At that point, us three ladies started complaining to ourselves/ each other. Someone must have overheard us, so one of the ladies was checked on by a nurse. The nurse asked her if she could at least let this woman's driver know that she hadn't even yet been sent in for her procedure. OMGosh! Todd must think I died or something! Well, the nurse then peeked in at me and asked the same thing. She finally allowed Todd and the other person back to spend some time with us. Thirty minutes later, the nurse anethesist finally came to get me! Finally! They wheeled me into the room at 2:o2 pm.

The room was 66 degrees, I was freezing! But that was okay, this was all going to be over soon. Well, five minutes passed...15 minutes passed. One of the nurses was visibly getting frustrated, but I didn't say anything. Another nurse walked in, and I must have gave her a look, because she said "I am sorry, he is on the phone, but shouldn't be much longer." Okay. Well, he walked in at about 2:45 or so! I was about to flip my top, and of course, as mouthy as I am, I threw up my hands and said "well, it's about time." Half joking, half NOT! Well, the doc evidently didn't think I was funny. He began to raise his voice and tell me why he is so important, and that he has to take calls, and that if I wanted to blame someone, I needed to blame CAMC because they threw him off schedule first this that morning...I was devastated to say the least! He sat down and got right back onto a phone call while telling them to put me to sleep.

The next think I remember is waking up in recovery sobbing! I immediately told the nurse that I didn't want to see that man again. She said she would handle that and have someone else come in and give me my results. Again, okay. Well, the doc met her at the curtain, and she told him that I didn't want to see him. He would not listen to her, and opened my curtain. He apologized several times, although he was not sincere in the least. He gave me my results (which were perfectly normal), and I did quit crying long enough to say one more thing to him..."I know you have probably had a bad day, BUT SO HAVE I!"

Wednesday, still feeling the effects of the prep, I had another doctor's appt. with a different doctor. Thinking I was just going for a consultation about placing me on Lupron for 6 months, I arrive to be placed into an examination room. "I am just here for a consultation about medicine," I said. "No, we have you on schedule for your annual." "Excuse me?" "Dr. XXX is in an emergency c-section right now, but if you want to wait, you can. Um, yeah. This is my fourth visit back to this office since December 2, and I am not leaving without scheduling this stinkin' medicine! Wow, can this week get any worse...oh, should I not have asked that?! Since this is getting pretty long already, I will give you the reader's digest version of this story - I didn't get to see the doc, but was fine with seeing his PA, and left with them having ordered my Lupron.

I get to work after leaving that appointment, and I notice my stomach is still feeling really rough. But I have a lot of work to do, plus a presentation to make at 2:00. I was afraid to eat lunch because of the way I was feeling, so I had some yogurt. I then left for my presentation, and just kept feeling weaker an weaker. By the time my part was over, I felt like I almost needed to crawl back to my car. I cried the entire way walking out. Hmmm, better go on home.

Got home and realized I had a fever, and started to panic a little. Fever + severe aching + severe cramping + colonoscopy the previous day = something majorly wrong! And of course, it is all happening on Wednesday...a church night.

I ended up at the emergency room, being ran through the gamut, to find out the two things I already knew - dehydrated and full of air. Praise God it wasn't anything else serious! You know, it could have been a lot worse, but God was with me even though the devil was trying to fight me!

Took Thursday off to recuperate, and Stephen started getting sick last night! Yikes, what more devil? YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! Get that through your thick skull!

And finally, today. Ahhhh, Friday. I woke up feeling a lot better, but with a major headache. Uh oh, (since I have been so candid about the rest of my week), my other female problem happened. What better way to end a horrible week? But again, satan is not going to get the best of me!

So, there are some major (and lengthy) examples of how the devil creeps in and tries to destroy anything good. This happens on a daily basis if you allow it. Always remember that he is out there, constantly looking.

This leads me to the title of this entry...Building an Ark. For some months now, our preacher has been telling us that God is laying it on his heart that our church needs to "Build an Ark." Not in the literal sense of Noah, but fully relying on God and coming together in "one accord" so that we can reach the lost. Folks, truth is, time here on earth is drawing nigh, and we all need to be in this mind set. We all need to be faithful, serve God completely, and reach out to all of those who need Him as their personal savior.

This church service that started the devil out on his rampage was just the beginning. Huge things are happening in our church, and I hope they are the same in all of the other churches. We need to be looking up, because this world is waxing worse by the minute!

I am not upset because the devil tried to work on me this week. I am blessed to know that I gave him a reason to feel threatened!

If you are a Christian, and are going through struggles, look up, pray up, and relief will come!


Rachel said...

Might as well have it all hit at once and get it over with! LOL

SUE said...

Definitely not a good week but we know our Lord will protect us and He always knows what is best for us. I love to hear "GOD is good - ALL the time!"

bevey56 said...

Love this post. PTL for you and your witness

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