Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yep, my mind is blank! Probably because I am on some major cold meds these days! Stephen has been sick for a week, and with my million kisses a day, I guess it was inevitable that I get to share his cold. Oh well, every single little kiss makes it worth it!

Work has been insanley busy, and part of that is because I missed so much last week due to all of those stinkin' medical procedures and related illnesses, and then I was out Monday because of little man. Every time I feel like my head is emerging from the water, I seem to be swallowed back up. That is okay though, because I love what I do! How many people can actually say that?

Hey, did I mention, Spring is almost here?! Wow! The sun...Vitamin D! Maybe this will make us all feel a little better! I don't think I have ever seen soooo many sick people at one time. Yikes! If you are anything like me (a conspiracy theory person), you kinda wonder what in the world was released in the air and by whom.

I am sorry for the short post, but as I said, I have nothing! I will be back when I can bring you something with some substance. I just didn't want to live my blog out there for days without something new! :)

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