Friday, February 11, 2011

So much to do and a splitting headache...

Wow! I know it is Friday, but exhaustion just truly set in and I feel like I have been ran over by a semi! Because I slacked so much yesterday at work, I am, uh, reaping the, uh, "benefits" today.

It seems like time is literally flying by! I know people say that all of the time, but good grief, I can't remember the last time I stopped to smell the proverbial roses. Let's see, this past weekend we had our whirlwind trip to Nashville, and it seems like it was only yesterday. The following is a snapshot of what my week has been:

Monday Work: Meeting
Monday Evening: Strangely quiet night at the house because my boy was threatened to be sent to the Principal's office at school, so we had to "punish" him by taking away his television and all electronic privileges - instead we cooked and cleaned.

Tuesday Work: No meetings, just insanely busy
Tuesday Evening: Stephen's kindergarten transition meeting (which deserves a whole blog itself...very odd); finished a scarf for a friend; bathed the boy; load of laundry

Wednesday Work: Meeting
Wednesday Evening: Church (which was wonderful)

Thursday Work: As you know by my post yesterday, just wasn't feeling it
Thursday Evening: Decorated a cake for a friend's birthday; started another scarf; bathed the boy; cleaned the kitchen twice

Friday Work: Conference call in the morning; Geocaching presentation to elementary school kids in the afternoon; need to mail out hundreds of registration brochures
Friday Evening: Not there yet, but here is what I have to do: Deliver cake; deliver scarf, Stephen desperately needs a haircut; cook dinner and clean up.

And plans for the weekend:

Saturday: Sign Stephen up for t-ball (yay); go to Tolley's Christian Bookstore to find an Easter Cantata that is not the classical stuff (because we are southern gospel/ hymn singers); clean my house (because I could be in the next episode of Hoarders); work on remaining scarf orders.

Sunday: Church, cook, and Church (yay)!!!

All of this and Stephen decides last night that he does not want to sleep. I think we finally managed to catch some zzzzs after 2:00 am. Maybe that is why I just can't seem to hold my head up!

My life is hectic, but I would not change one fraction of it. Next week is actually going to be worse as far as appointments and cakes and scarves, but that is OK. God never complained when He carried His cross, why should I?


Tonia said...

Stopped by your mom's yesterday evening. I can't believe how big Stephen is... and how sweet. He gave me the biggest hug!

readtomewv said...

They didn't tell me :( Did you love the puppy?

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