Friday, March 18, 2011

Look our world, here comes Lupron Robin...

**Caution guys, this post is pretty female related, and probably going to be filled with TMI. ;) Read with your own discretion, or choose to close your browser now!

Over the years, I have had many struggles with the inner workings of being a female (if you catch my drift). As I get older, it only seems to get worse, but I have also gained enough knowledge about the situation, that now most of the things that have occurred in my day to day physical and mental health make sense. It all ties together.

From the start (maybe no pun intended), I had a horribly painful and irregular menstrual period. My mom used to say, "I worry that you will never be able to conceive." That was always in the back of my mind, but I never dwelt on it, because goodness, everyone I ever knew was able to just get pregnant so very easy, why couldn't I?

During my first union, we tried to have a baby. Well, let's just say like always, God was in full control, and thankfully, that never happened. When I married Todd, we started trying to have a child right away, and it finally happened...on our third anniversary! Our miracle! Like I said before, God was in full control, but it all made sense...God created me, and knew before that that I would have problems conceiving. It was all in His time!

During the time of trying, I seemed to always have something going on down there. My ob/gyn office always seemed to call with a bad test result, and I would end up on the biopsy table and in complete agony if only for a few minutes, to find that everything was okay. (Again, thank God!)

For about three years after the pregnancy and birth, my cycle seemed to self-correct. Ahhh! It was awesome! And then came the great age of 35! Boy did that wreak havoc on my system for some reason!

Last June, I had had enough! I went for a checkup because of the problem. My ob/gyn again did the dreaded biopsy, and the results were normal (still thanking God!). However, because of my age now, he decided it was time for a laparoscopy, hystercopy, and d and c. Not a big deal at all. The results of that weren't so normal. It showed what I have known for quite some time...endometriosis. This is quite common, but good grief, extremely unpleasant over time. He scraped a bunch out during this procedure, but also was unable to get most of it, because it has adhered to my intestines/bowel area.

This diagnosis sent me in a complete different direction. It resulted in a colonoscopy to make sure that there were no permanent "restrictions" to by intestines, and to make sure that it wasn't something other than endo. Nope. I am fine on that end (again, maybe no pun intended).

Therefore, that left me with two options:

1. Lupron Depot for six months; or
2. Hysterectomy

Because of my age, my doctor doesn't want to consider a hysterectomy unless it is ABSOLUTELY required. The good news is, Lupron is supposed to completely reverse the endo! Yay! The bad news (kind of) is it will throw me into menopause for six months. Yipee!

For some reason, maybe because I am strange -- or deranged, I am excited about this! Well, I guess for the obvious reasons! I know every single woman reading this understands just what I mean. On the other hand, I am a little nervous as to what it is going to do to me.

So, take this post as a warning. I will be documenting my six month journey on here! :) You might want to have your body armour on when you log on from time to time. Between the mood swings, hot flashes, and crying spells, it is extremely hard for me to predict what my posts will consist of. Use extreme caution!! LOL!

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