Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The best gift to give on Resurrection Sunday...

I have never been a very good gift buyer for a couple of reasons:

2. I cannot keep a secret, so if I buy something even a day before an event, I am gonna give it - never fails!

It always makes me laugh that holidays, especially "HOLYdays" have become so commercialized. It wouldn't be so bad if more people recognized and honored the true meaning of some of these HOLYdays instead of just using them as another excuse to party, spend money, give gifts, etc. And no, I am not judging, I am just inspecting a little fruit! :)

I am not saying that gift giving should not happen, because I have always been a partaker of the spirit of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, they are fun and magical. However, since I had Stephen, we have always explained to him (even though he is still young, but because it is VERY important), that Jesus provides everything for us, and without Him, we would not even have Christmas and Easter to celebrate. Isn't that the truth, without His birth, there would be no Christmas - and there would be NO SALVATION! And without Him dying on the cross and rising again the third day, there would be no Easter - and there would be NO SALVATION! Wow! Thank you Lord for what you have done!

Today, Todd and I made a very serious purchase. This has to be the best thing we have ever gotten Stephen! And probably the most important gift (other than salvation) he will ever get in his lifetime.

His first official Bible! King James Version Study Bible for Boys! Absolutely cannot wait to give it to him. He is going to be so excited!

What better gift to receive on Easter, RESURRECTION DAY!

I hope each of you take time this Sunday to reflect on the true HOLYday. Have a great weekend!


Tonia said...

What a great post Robin...and you are so right. Of all the things we can give our boys, introducing them to our Lord is the best gift. We got Landon his first bible for Easter this year's tells all the stories in great little rhymes.

Happy Easter! Love you.

readtomewv said...

I read your blog today and think that Stephen has that exact book! He calls it his "Jesus stories." It is amazing what they absorb! Hope Landon gets the same enjoyment from it as Stephen has. They learn so much so fast!

Happy Easter! Love you!

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