Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night, I literally held two of God's miracles in my hands! So, for those of you who may not believe God is still in the miracle business, think again.

Erica's precious baby girls were moved from NICU to PICU, which means that they can have visitors other than those designated to visit. So, after work, with Erica's permission, I sped down to the hospital.

Since they were born, I have seen many pictures of them. Trust me, up close pictures of a preemie are very deceiving! I guess I had it in my mind that they were pretty much a normal size now, but I almost passed out when I walked in! How very small they truly are...

Both were wide awake, so I was able to look into their beautiful eyes. They have to be the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen in my entire life! I studied their little tiny fingers, and then I told mommy that I absolutely had to see the feet! Something about me and baby feet, I just can't stand myself! Wow! Ten fingers, ten toes, full of life! Thank you God!

I even got to feed them! (Can you tell how excited I still am by the amount of exclamation marks I am using???) That was a blessing in itself. To know that at one point in their brief time on this earth, they were unable to take bottles, being fed through modern technology, and then seeing them eagerly sucking away at the bottle was just confirmation that the Lord's hands are wrapped tightly around them.

I hated to leave, but I had to get home to my little man. When I walked through the door, he ran up to me and wrapped his arms around my legs and said "hug." It was just a reminder of all the glorious times Erica and Jeremy have ahead of them. Please keep praying for them, all four of them, as they still have a long road ahead.

(And for the family who are wondering if it made me want another -- NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

Thank you God for these little, but HUGE miracles. And thank you Erica and Jeremy for letting me share in your evening last night. I love you all!

God bless,


Sue said...

:) I was the one wondering if the babies enticed you to have another one!

stephensmom said...

I am so happy you commented! I knew someone had to be thinking that! :)

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