Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday and a new day...

I have been totally swamped lately, and haven't had a chance to really write a thing! But maybe that is a good thing, because I have really been in an absolute horrible mood. My emotions have definitely been a roller coaster as of late, but I am going to change that - MANDATORY change - MYSELF!

It has to be the Lupron, because I truly have lost all of my ambition. My house is a wreck, I don't want to fix my hair, I don't want to deal with stupid people, and worst of all, I have kind of lost my desire to come to work. All of these things are normal for me - EXCEPT THE LAST! And for some reason, my level of "normalcy" seems to be extremely amplified, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean, I will explain. The first three things I listed are normal feelings for me, but I usually push through them and deal. The last couple of weeks, that has totally been out of the question!

I am normally a very optimistic person - cup half full or overflowing. I want to get back to that...I am going to get back to that! It is the least I can do for people who have to deal with me on a daily basis! I have really been down, and unable to even put together a comprehendible sentence. I feel like I am bi-polar (which I did mention in a post a long time ago - remember - self-diagnosed, haha!)

Anyway, there are some good things happening in my life that I must start focusing on! Mom got a summer job, and Stephen is going to a new babysitter for 8 weeks. This should be great for both of them, even though my poor mom doesn't want to admit it. I honestly think she is going to love this position, though! She will be working for Children's Home Society at their "home" for unplaced children. That is her element. She is great with kids! And the girlie that will be baysitting Stephen is going to be perfect. God certainly worked this out!

And tonight, hopefully, my wonderful Uncle Terry is going to come and stay a few days with us! His family went on a school trip, so he wants to make a visit and hang out with us for the weekend. I am soooooooo excited! I need this family time! <3

One more great thing happened. We paid off my jeep last week one year early! Three more debts, and we will be calling Dave Ramsey and screaming "WE ARE DEBT FREEEEEEE!!!"

See, as I have said before, God is with us on the tops of mountains, but He is always with us in our lowest valleys. He is there to walk with us, or carry us if necessary, and then He pulls us out of those valleys to find wonderful blessings flowing! Thank you God for everything you do in my life, and the life of my friends and family! You truly bless us!

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